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Career and Professional Development Courses in 2017 at

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The Centre has for over 37 years responded to the needs of fellow professionals offering a programme of courses and workshops on aspects of the preservation and conservation of historic photographs. We are happy to announce that The Centre will offer a reduced programme of courses in 2017. The Centre's career and professional development courses offer conservators and other heritage professionals specialist training in this challenging field; enabling them to hone their practical skills and upgrade their knowledge of current developments and techniques. Course tutors are Ian Moor and Angela Moor who communicate their knowledge, expertise and passion in such a way as to bring alive the history and diversity of photography whilst still fully addressing the 21st Century problems of preserving and conserving this evocative and transient medium. Their approach can not fail to stimulate participants to a deeper understanding of, and professional growth in this demanding discipline.

Ian and Angela have been sharing their knowledge and skills with fellow heritage professionals since 1981.

Whilst the courses at The Centre are intensive the 'Moors' still manage to maintain a friendly, enjoyable and informal atmosphere.

The Centre's Courses are no longer subject to V.A.T (Value Added Tax)

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Preventive Conservation of Photographic Materials (Theory)

Ref: 100/2
An intensive four-day course covering the identification, causes of degradation, conservation treatment options, handling, exhibition and storage of photographic materials. This course is aimed specifically for those with the care and responsibility for photographic collections: Keepers, Curators, Librarians, Archivists, Conservators et al.
Course dates: 20th-23rd March 2017


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